Launching Show of LeadOss Implant System

On the morning of October 21, 2021, the "LeadOss Implant Listing Conference" hosted by Hangzhou Minsheng Lide Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. LeadOss implant system, after six years of hard work, has been approved by the NMPA for Class III medical device registration certificate, and a reliable domestic implant brand has been launched in China!


Photo: Chairman of the conference - Prof. Shi Bin

The theme of the conference was "Benefiting the teeth and enjoying the future", and Prof. Shi Bin served as the chairman of the conference.


Conference speech



(Photo: Prof. Su Yucheng)

Prof. Su Yucheng gave a congratulatory speech for the LeadOss Implant Listing Conference, and wished LeadOss Implant as a domestic brand to do better and better!



(Photo: Mr. Zhang Yizhong, Group Leader)

Vice President Zhang Yizhong, the group leader, congratulated LeadOss for the approval of the NMPA's Class III Medical Device Registration Certificate. I wish that LeadOss implants, as a domestic brand, can gradually replace imported brands. Provide better quality products at more affordable prices, benefiting the Chinese people.



(Photo: Deputy General Manager Zheng Xuanche)

Zheng Xuanche, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Minsheng Lide Medical Science & Technology Co., Ltd., introduced and shared the patents, performance and advantages of LeadOss implants.


Launching of LeadOss Dental Implant

(Photo: LeadOss Implant Market Conference)

Vice President Zhang Yizhong, General Manager Tian Dongjun, Prof. Su Yucheng, Prof. Lai Hongchang, Prof. Shi Bin, Prof. Wang Huiming, Prof. Man Yi, Dr. Xiang Lixin and other company leaders and planting experts attended the listing meeting of Lidogan and witnessed the Lidogan together. Implants are launched.


Academic Keynote Speech

01  "Digital process of immediate restoration of edentulous jaws"


(Photo: Prof. Man Yi)

Prof. Man Yi, Director of the Implant Department of West China Stomatological Hospital of Sichuan University, shared the "Digital Process of Immediate Restoration of Eedentulous Jaws"

02 "The Evidence-Based Road to Maxillary Sinus Floor Lifting"



(Photo: Prof. Lai Hongchang)

Prof. Lai Hongchang, Director of the Department of Oral Implantology, The Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, shared "The Evidence-Based Road for Maxillary Sinus Floor Lifting"

03 "Site preservation or alveolar ridge augmentation - concept and technology"


(Photo: Prof. Shi Bin)

Prof. Shi Bin, director of the Implant Department of Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital, shared "Site Preservation or Alveolar Ridge Increase - Concept and Technology".


After the thematic reports, Mr. Tian Dongjun, general manager of Minsheng Lide, issued certificates of appreciation to the experts and took a group photo.

04  The wonderful moment of the listing meeting



So far, the "LeadOss Implants Listing Conference" has come to a successful conclusion!

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