Scientific Innovation
Establish the world's leading dental implant system research and development center
Regarding patient needs and safety as concerns, and regarding innovation as the core driving force of the company’s development, Leadoss has been working closely with top international implantologists and dental technicians, perfectly combing the rich scientific research and clinical experience with the cutting-edge implant manufacturing craftsmanship and technology, committed to bringing stable and reliable products to our patients globally.
LeadOss Implant System
Reverse Taper
Ensure proper retention force to prevent bone structure from excessive stress
Variable Straight Zone
Provide multiple implant height options
Sharp Threads & Cutting Edge
Excellent cutting force and retention force
SLA Surface Treatment
  • Surface average roughness 0.5-1.0μm
  • Prevent dental plaque and bacteria breed
  • Prevent peri-implantitis
  • Reduce bone loss
  • Surface average roughness 2.5±0.2μm
  • Help osseointegration
  • More than 30 steps of semiconductor industry level cleaning process to achieve zero defect surface
  • Through 5 steps test to ensure the safety of surface treatment
Dual roughness SLA surface designed for preventing peri-implantitis
Surface Morphology
Double Roughness SLA surface for neck & body
Highly uniform microscopic morphology of holes
Mechanical Test

Test equipment: 3D Interactive Display

Test machine: Wyko NT8000, Veeco, USA

  • Use the special sand blasting technology to form the uniform rough surface
  • the average surface roughness applied on the body below the top neck connection to achieve the optimal effect of osseointegration is Ra = 2 . 5 + 0 . 2um
  • The best SLA treatment ach

Test equipment: Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analyzer

Test machine: VG Multilab 2000, England

  • The implant surface residue analysis
  • No other components except O Ti C & N were detected by surface residual analysis
  • More than 30 steps of production processes to guarantee the implant surface cleanliness and safety